Happy Birthday .tel!

Today we’re celebrating the 2nd anniversary of .tel opening for general registration! We’d like to thank all of our community members for their support and their active role in the .tel world via the forum, newsletter, I Love My Tel and various other projects worldwide.

In these two years, we’ve been places and done things – remember Laura and her treasure hunt? The .telebrities with their shiny new digital cameras? And more recently, the .tel design competition? Our .tel of the week is now over a hundred strong, and there have been dozens of .tel stories told by proud owners from all walks of life; from senior executives to bakers to sword swallowers!

To trace the .tel history and the development of its technology, ecosystem and community, take a look at our timeline of events, and see some statistics that we shared with you in the latest issue of our newsletter .tel by the numbers. Earlier this year, Telnic’s CEO Khashayar Mahdavi addressed the global .tel community to summarise the latest trends, achievements, and the goals ahead. We look forward to carrying out those goals throughout the year and hope to continue enjoy our community’s support and enthusiasm.

When .tel launched to the world on March 24th 2009 (after Sunrise and Landrush), we happily coincided with Ada Lovelace Day, sometimes portrayed as the World’s first computer programmer.  It was pure serendipity and not planned.  We hope however to continue in her footsteps in developing useful technology for the benefit of all.

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